A 6-day, fully residential, intense week of specialist sports coaching, games and team competitions for young people (school years 7 to 12). Sports Plus is for those passionate about improving in their sport and finding out about Jesus and what it means to live for Him. You can watch videos of Sports Plus here. Sports plus is an event of On Mission Games (WA) and has been run for over 20 years in the UK by Christians in Sport (although there is no official association). In 2018 Sports Plus will run in Perth from Sunday 3 pm 1st July til 12 pm on Friday 6th July. Sports include Hockey, Cricket, AFL Footy, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Tennis.


Hear more about Sports Plus in an interview with Director Dr Laurence Houghton on Sonshine FM. Or read and watch testimonials from Sports Plus Leaders and Athletes.


Sports Plus Coaching Camp WA


In addition to the 2 x 2 hour high quality coaching sessions each day, components of the Sports Plus week include:

Team challenge which encouraged athletes to connect with and appreciate players from different disciplines whilst engaged in fun but competitive team games.

Whole camp beep test - this build strong unity across Sports Plus and as a result is (surprisingly!) a highlight for many of the young athletes... some even claim it is the most enjoyable beep test they have ever done!

The evening meetings are lot of fun with competitions, chanting, worship, videos and interviews with coaches and young athletes on being a Christian in sport. The focus of the evening meetings is to explore who Jesus is and what he has done in a relevant to the young athletes.

Huddle groups follow the evening meeting and enable the young athletes to unpack the evening talk together and wreslte a bit deeper with the Gospel. The morning gatherings are focussed on helping the young athletes to work through what it means to be a Christian in Sport.

Team leader and coaches training - we value our amazing volunteer team leaders and coaches so we made sure they also received training on how to better for Jesus in their sporting communities and leading young people.


Sports Plus is for young people who are serious about sport and play regularly in a club or team. There is over five hours of sport a day and so we want to ensure that young people have the stamina to meet the demands of the week, enabling them to progress in their sport. Typically the young person will choose their main sport to be coached in but don't worry there will opportunities to try new sports. If a young person does not play regularly in a club or team we will contact the parent/guardian to discuss whether Sports Plus is a suitable camp for the young person and may request a reference from a coach/PE teacher to support the booking. If a young person applies who does not play sport regularly or only at a recreational level we will contact the parent/guardian to discuss whether Sports Plus is a suitable camp for them.


Sports Plus Coaching Camp Sydney


Why come?

  •  Receive quality coaching to improve skills in your sport
  • Hang out with other sports-focussed young people and make new friends
  • Learn what it means to be a Christian in what you love: playing sport
  • Be inspired by awesome leaders who love Jesus and are competitive in their sport
  • Make the most of the incredible facilities at Guildford Grammar School.
  • Full residential camp with professionally catered food. We see good food and sleep as priorities when on a training camp so we ensure our accommodation and catering is a quality standard.


How much does it cost?

Price varies depending on venue but includes 3 professionally catered meals per day and 2 x 2 hour coaching sessions per day. Please view the registration page for the cost relevant to your location. Please click here if you would like to donate to aid families that cannot afford the full cost.

If finance is an issue for you please get in touch. We never want to turn someone away because they can't afford it and so have a bursary fund available.


What does a typical day at Sports Plus look like?

Sports Plus Program

What characteristics do we look for in leaders? 

All Sports Plus leaders must first and foremost have a passion to follow Jesus. We want leaders who are willing to serve God, the gospel, the young people and each other. There are many different roles: Team leaders, Sports coaches, Support Staff (various roles).

Leaders need to be aged 18 or over by the time of camp.

Further information

Should you have any further questions or queries, or you wish to request an application form by post please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.