"Thanks again for all your efforts putting together Sports Plus, our son really enjoyed himself, learnt a lot and was really impressed with the coaching as well!"


"Just to say thank you to you and your team for the wonderful ministry provided over the camp week. Sounds like it was all round fun and learning"


"I just wanted to say a very very BIG thank you for the transformation in my daughter, who came back from Sports Plus positively beaming, chattering away, laughing++ as she relayed many of the experiences. She said that it was the best week in her life without a doubt!!"


"How blessed those children all were to be able to attend such an amazing God driven camp. My son had such a ball and has continued to chat about all aspects of it. We have been raving about it to our little church and friends so THANK YOU!"


Young Athletes



“The level of community and friendship among the teams is great. My experience at Sports Plus was amazing! The leaders were great, the sports were so much fun, the friendships were grown and built and the messages were inspiring”


"I was surprised how welcoming and friendly all the people were when we first arrived – they helped me because it was my first year and I didn’t know anyone… I learned a lot about God and created many friendships through Sports Plus”


“It was easy to make friends even though usually I find it hard”

“I was surprised how easy it was to make new friends at Sports Plus”


“Sports Plus is a place I can improve my sporting skills as well as my faith”

“The standard of coaching was great”


"Thanks again for everything. You can't imagine how much I got out of Sports Plus."


"I was surprised at how in-depth and fantastic the evening meetings and huddle groups were"



"An amazing camp that enables you to learn more about God and being a Christian as well as improving your sporting skills"


“Sports Plus has been really fun and been great how I have made new friends, love everything about it, it has been awesome!”

“Sports Plus was a lot of fun and I made a lot of friends. I got better at my sport and the people were cool and kind”

“Sports Plus was fantastic because I could make friends learn about the Lord and play great sport”


“The amount of fun there was in the evening meetings surprised me, as before I got to Sports Plus I thought it would be nowhere near as good as the sport but it was equal.”

“I didn’t realise how inspirational Sports Plus would be”


“Sports Plus is amazing, the atmosphere is so encouraging, it’s hard not to be happy, definitely coming back”


Team leaders and coaches



“My second year and it’s always incredible to watch the athletes grow throughout the week. It’s such a special environment and it makes such a positive impact in their lives"


“Camp was well run and well structured. Really enjoyed the leaders training. Very helpful”

“It was super encouraging seeing the athletes enjoy their time with one another through continued support and positive encouragement of each other… Great food, great leaders, great coaches, great athletes, great talks, great guidance”

“Good positive atmosphere throughout the whole week and really encouraging to see young people thinking deliberately about their faith” 

“Such a privilege, to be able to get to a place where the athletes felt safe and trusted me enough to talk about the crucial things of the Gospel, love and eternal life” 


"I was surprised by the amount of focus on the Gospel and the change in the young athletes"


"I'm very proud to have been a part of Sports Plus....God was definitely all over the whole week"