Dr Laurence Houghton - Team Coordinator

Laurence has a sport science pedigree having studied at Loughborough University (UK) and completed his PhD (Sport Science) at The University of Western Australia. He works at Warwick Workout as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and with Senators Basketball Club. Laurence has also worked as Strength & Conditioning coach at ACE Cricket Academy and Northants County Cricket. He's been involved in cricket for most of his life (playing up to UK minor counties U21s and even doing a PhD on it!) but now mostly plays hockey for Suburban Lions and loves an olympic lift! Laurence is married to Christal and they attend Encounter Church, Wangara.

Laurence has lived in Perth for over 10 years and was previously involved with Christians in Sport in the UK: leading the group at Loughborough University, and team leading and coaching at Sports Plus camps.

Laurence coordinates the teaching program, team leaders and communications at Sports Plus Perth.