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Leading on Sports Plus is extremely rewarding. It's great to see young people improving in their sport and understanding more about what Jesus has done for them. When you are not coaching or leading your team there are opportunities to receive sports ministry training and make great connections with like-minded Christians.

Sports Plus leaders and coaches must have a passion to follow Jesus and love sport. We want leaders who are faithful to the Gospel, willing to serve God, the young people and each other. Leaders/Coaches need to be aged 18 or over by the time of camp.

There is also a trainee stream for those leading at Sports Plus for the first time or transitioning from Young Athlete to Leader.

To download the pdf about coaches, leaders and support staff responsibilities please click here.


Leaders Sports Plus


As a Sports Plus leadership team we all have different responsibilities and gifts. Each role has equal value in helping Sports Plus run smoothly in order to serve the young athletes. You can serve at Sports Plus as a team leader, coach or support staff. Please read the descriptions of each role and where you can best use your gifts at Sports Plus. All Sport Plus leaders will be required to attend pre-camp training events, including arriving at camp a day early to allow time to prepare as a team. Dates for Sports Plus Perth 2017 are Saturday 1st July to Friday 7th July.



The cost of Sports Plus for leaders and coaches is $380 (Student discount - $295) and includes 6 days accommodation and three, professionally catered meals per day at Guildford Grammar School, WA. We understand that you are giving up valuable time but guarentee that you will leave Sports Plus with far more than you put in. Sports ministry training will also be run for leaders and coaches throughout the Sports Plus week. Our desire is to inspire the next generation to follow Jesus in their sport and, as such, trust you will be excited to invest with us in this vision. By having our leaders and coaches pay to come to Sports Plus it helps keep the cost down for the young athletes.


Sports Plus Coaching Camp WA


The benefits of coming as Team Leaders, Coaches and Support Staff

  • Inspire a generation of young sports people to live life to the full for Jesus
  • Receive sports ministry training when you are not leading your team or coaching
  • Hang out with like minded coaches and young adults that love Jesus and are competitive sports people
  • Be inspired to represent Christ in your sports clubs as a coach, player, umpire or administrator
  • Full residential camp with professionally catered food


To download the pdf about coaches, leaders and support staff responsibilities please click here.